Many of us have bucket lists and all that jazz. I thought I’d do one.

– Read ALL of Shakespeare’s works. Yes, all. Then act in at least one.

– Finish the 1001 movies list before I’m 64 (just a Beatles thing).

– Go to the U.K. and stay for a few months.

– Scout out Bonzo’s grave – and then sit there and cry for an hour or two.

– Bungee Jump.

– Zip-line through some remote forest.

– Eat Caviar, and cross of any other delicacies on my list.

– Learn to speak Spanish.

– Master that “Yankee” accent – and all the other accents of the world.

– Work at Second City

– Buy the Slash Appetite, and the aged/signed Jimmy Page no. 2 model Les Paul’s.

– Do something for next years Christmas assembly.

– Beg my parents to let me watch the Exorcist.

– Eat pizza with the president. (I’m sorry, I still watch Arthur.)

– Get a band going.

– Get my license – buy a luxury car – wave it in my cousins face. 😛

– Go to L.A. (I’m going in April!)

Um … that’s it for now? I have more – but I can’t think of them.


4 Responses to “What I have allways wanted to do”

  1. Andrew said

    Sup Roxy. Been awhile eh? 😀

    • roxy189 said

      It has! What have you been up to?

      • Andrew said

        Well, been trying to get back into the daily mood of blogging, going through life as a hormonal teenager (lol), understanding more things, being more wise, became a gamer head and started a Youtube account superficially for gaming, so that’s good. But enough about me. How about you Roxy?. 😀

  2. roxy189 said

    I’ve been good. I can actually speak Spanish now 🙂 Um … I’m going on a school History trip to Europe in March, so I’m really excited about that …. and yeah.

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