Celebration for a king.

August 12, 2010

Yep … I’m listening to Achilles Last Stand. So anyway, my day so far:

Checked my emails … yep. I had a LOT.

You Tubed DVAS – I was (and still am) trying to make a choice of what song of theirs I’m going to buy …. (Lime wire had none) and the 30 second preview just wouldn’t cut it for me. I needed the whole song.Anyway, I really liked Fantasy …. I may end up buying two actually.

Then I browsed Polyvore for any new talent … Listening to some songs. Society (of course!), Tightrope ( By Janelle Monae, BEST new talent by far!), Some random Lady Gaga and Cool .. from West Side Story. Yep. Pretty intense list.

Then I pretended to be stoned. (Thanks Dylan … )

Then, I showered. But, to my surprise, I didn’t do my usual Beatles concert routine. (Um .. I guess I wasn’t up for it).

Lunch was an image of me sitting at the kitchen table – reading the new Girls Life issue. (Hey! I know how to cover up a pimple now!)

And for the afternoon? We have a tech guy coming to look at our dishwasher. I guess I better get dressed right? And I suppose I should drink more Gatorade.

Then tonight’s the So You Think You Think You Can Dance finale. (In my opinion, they all deserve to win.)

Psst: I played some dress up last night. Yep. Came up with some signature looks. So I hope to get the weardrobe thing sorted out. You have to send them a sample look first before you can upload pics.

So people, If you’re bored right now, I made this poly-collection of hot rock stars, (mainly from Guns and Zeppelin) that you should look at. And if you have a poly-count fave it please. Just be warned. There is excessive swearing!


Man …. I’m digging this Hendrix music I’m listening to right now.

It may be a copy n’ paste link by the way.


Hey ….. I’m Etsy shopping rite now. Here are my favorite picks out of todays session.

Hey ….. I’m a Led Zep fan. What can I say? {{Not much ….. other than O M G}}


So this is “classic rock shirt day” I guess!


This is cool.


Awesome vintage dress from my favorite vintage blogger.


That’s all for today folks! {{But I bet I’ll post some more out of sheer boredom}}

Whoops. This was a crap post ….. try to copy and paste the links maybe?

Wow …. I don’t know if these are creepy ass or not, but I love these vintage alka – seltzer commercials. Why? Well for one, the tune is catchy … they have my very favorite BUSTER KEATON and the slogan (see title above) is well thought out. AM I RITE? {{Pssh. I’m always right}}

That’s right. Guess what? I’m going to see SOUTH PACIFIC! Yep. My very first musical. Sure, I wish it was Jersey Boys ….. and that I was seeing it in NYC, not Toronto, but a musical is a musical all the same. Besides, I cant move to NYC to work …. (I know, I still have four more years of school) so might as well check out the musical scene in Toronto.

So a typical day for me. Listened to Jersey Boys music, my typical new obsession song: Society (it was an Itunes single of the week a few weeks back) and scour kijji for any new bands, (though I need to buy a damn guitar already and brush up on my skills. Or just apply to be the frontman …. at least I can sing. Well ……. at least I think I can sing).

Plus, to add to my mood, (did I tell you I was sick this morning? Yep, I tossed. It was horrific to watch, but a fact of life) I got pretty mad at eBay. Why, might you ask, did I get so angered? Well, lets just say, I coulden’t find what I was looking for (Hehe … I just sorta quoted U2! *gimmie props 4 that*).

Then … I made the stupid life choice of blaring Guns N’ Roses (Welcome To The Jungle in particular). Hey, at least the cops never came.

Then I read some Style Rookie. (If you know what that is.) Ate toast and drank Gatorade, (yummy). But …. honestly, I gotta stop playing Society.

Ps: I love this sketch. I wish I had drawn it. But, hey, I cant draw to save my life! Now have a nice day. (No … did I just quote Bon Jovi?)

Welcome to my lair ♥

August 11, 2010

I created this so I could just let out what I feel everyday. Weather I like to gab about music, fashion, etc. Expect a lot of classic rock though. I’m a nut when it comes to that. And any other creepy ass things you may have never known I liked. Pretty good for a 14 year old girl, right? Yes, I’m still saving for a Les Paul. (Why do they make them so damn expensive?) Well, anyway, I hope you want to keep reading. I’m not a thriller writer, but I try pretty damned hard to entertain a crowd. (Ask me for my pirate joke sometime! It’s epic) You may think I’m a weirdo, That’s fine. Really, it is. (Hey, we all read fail blog and play air guitar right?)

So ….. I suppose this wont be a regular thinghy. Just random. Like Oh M Gee, here is the 50 songs I downloaded today! Yeah, a typical thing for me. Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t be alarmed when I post about back masking songs to find creepy Satanic messages.  I like to do it when I’m bored. (Oh, and look in the toilet. But please, don’t tell everyone.)

Ok so, you strapped in? This is gonna be a wild ride.