Welcome to my lair ♥

August 11, 2010

I created this so I could just let out what I feel everyday. Weather I like to gab about music, fashion, etc. Expect a lot of classic rock though. I’m a nut when it comes to that. And any other creepy ass things you may have never known I liked. Pretty good for a 14 year old girl, right? Yes, I’m still saving for a Les Paul. (Why do they make them so damn expensive?) Well, anyway, I hope you want to keep reading. I’m not a thriller writer, but I try pretty damned hard to entertain a crowd. (Ask me for my pirate joke sometime! It’s epic) You may think I’m a weirdo, That’s fine. Really, it is. (Hey, we all read fail blog and play air guitar right?)

So ….. I suppose this wont be a regular thinghy. Just random. Like Oh M Gee, here is the 50 songs I downloaded today! Yeah, a typical thing for me. Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t be alarmed when I post about back masking songs to find creepy Satanic messages.  I like to do it when I’m bored. (Oh, and look in the toilet. But please, don’t tell everyone.)

Ok so, you strapped in? This is gonna be a wild ride.