I love The  Scissor  Sisters! So here’s my review on Night Work. I’ve listened to it twice so I’m ready to write.

Night Work was certainly a more underground sounding album than earlier dance numbers like I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’, but the sound was fresh and something new for them to explore. My favorite track on the album would have to be Any Which Way, which sounds similar to there more happy go lucky days, but still has a beat of it’s own, that reminds me of the New York nightlife.

As for other album highlights, the title track Night Work, delivered a lot of punch rolled into one. The fun back beats of the song make you want to dance.  Another cult favorite is Skin This Cat, because it really reminds you of something slick and uber James Bondish.

All in all, I believe this album was a step in the right direction for the group. Because of this, I give this album 4 and a half stars.

If you have opinions on this work, or want to say hi, comment!