No Quarter.

January 30, 2011

My Led Zeppelin book is amazing. I’m actually really glad I wasted my money on it – it’s got like everything about them in it, and it’s so detailed. I’m on page 117, which is really good seeing as I have exams going on. But anyway, it’s got some different bits that were not in Hammer Of The Gods, so I’m learning even more about them. If you know of any other really good Led Zeppelin book, let me know. I want to read them all!


Anyway, I kind of made a fail post yesterday. Plus, I totally forgot to tell you what I watched Friday night. I’ll do a mini review.  I guess.

So on Friday, me and my dad watched some Popeye cartoons. We watched a documentary on the making of the three longer Popeye features, and then we watched Popeye The Sailor Meets Sinbad The Sailor. After that we watched Window Washers, which was just another short cartoon.

Then we watched Fanboys, which I’ll do the review on:

Overall, the movie was AMAZING. It’s about these four guys, who were obsessive Star Wars fans when they were growing up – and still are. When they were in the fifth grade, and had heard about the new Star Wars movie coming out (Episode 1), they couldn’t wait. (The movie was supposed to come out in like 10 years or something). So they made plans to break into the Skywalker ranch.

Years later, the guys meet up again, and kind of get back together. They re-discover the map, and decide to actually go on the road trip to steal the movie.

It was really good – a lot of Star Wars jokes. The one guy, Linus, has cancer – and he like passes out when they’re in Las Vegas, and he gets taken to the hospital. Guess who’s playong the doctor? Carrie Fisher. They end up breaking out of the hospital, and she stops them, and allows Linus to leave, if he takes these pills. So Linus kisses the doctor, and he’s just like “I Love You” and Carrie’s like “I Know”, and it was just so funny.

I also really liked it when they were fighting with the Trekkies.

Of course, you have to have seen the movies to get most of the jokes and stuff. But it was really funny.


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