I’m hot for teacher.

January 19, 2011

Well, not really. Most of my teachers are female. But – do you guys get it? I was listening to the Van Halen song. Whatever.

I’m still sick, in a way. I cam home today and crashed. Like – crashed. I slept for two hours. No joke. Schools that hard on you.

I have to pick next years classes soon. What am I gonna take? I don’t know. Like, electives wise. When we went down to the assembly, the guy was like, you guys get THREE electives in grade ten. And I was like HOLY MAMMOTH! This year we got to pick two (like for grade nine). So I look at the choices, and there is like billions of choices.

I have the streams figured out for the compulsory courses I have to take. But the electives – man!

I’m taking drama, that’s been decided. But then there’s Spanish, gym, Guitar and the two electives I took this year. And there’s CRAFTS! A WHOLE COURSE ON CRAFTS! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? And music and plain old art.

How can I decide? It’s too hard, literally.


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