School dance ….

October 2, 2010

Oh. Sh*t. You must hate me. I forgot to tell you about the school dance!

Well it was on Thursday. When I checked in, apparently the guy thought I was someone else and marked me off as “Lizzie”.


I hope the real Lizzie got in okay :p

Anyway, all was good except for one tiny thing …

No 80’s music? {well except for the one Aerosmith song everyone Thinks is new. }

That sucks! Like, 80’s music is just as good to dance to as Mainstream.

Oh and through the gym loudspeakers I honestly thought that Justin Beiber sounded like a girl. Especially when somebody to love came on. Me & my friend argued yesterday about that … {her} “NO HE DOESN’T” –  {me} “um yeah he does”

So how was your day? I had a yard-sale today …. pretty cold and damp but I made cash all the same.

And now a treat! I love this song so listen to it ♥

Helix is FUCK*NG awesome. They have that heavy electric rock feel that I love – they’re hot too – BONUS!

Sorry for the sketchy post … !!