I never – ever repeat myself.

September 28, 2010

But today, I feel I must. Some specific topic is prodding at my sides.

Yes, you guessed right. FACEBOOK. So again, what’s my point? Let me explain.

It seems everybody I know is becoming a face-book slave. For example, a few days ago in business, the girl beside me quickly dashed to facebook while the teacher was out of the room. Damn! She said – they blocked it. Now I can update my status! Like jeez, what’s she gonna put there … In business class now?? As if anyone’s going to be reading peoples statuses while their in class. Unless it’s some creeper who does it for a living. That’s why it’s blocked. So you can FOCUS on work.

Or how about my friend. She has no computer. For which I feel bad about, but still. She comes over, and the second I leave my computer, she’s tapping away … talking to some guy who says he hates her … and getting into a mess with him. It no surprise she begged to stay on while I scarfed down my pizza and got ready to go to the gym .. but we had to politely turn her away for the night.

So you get my point? Yeah – though so. No go log onto facebook …

A Beatlemania set done on polyvore – made by me of course.


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