Singing and typing – all at once.

September 23, 2010

Ha. I realized that after reading about 50 different blog posts, that my room was dead quiet. So I put on the Beatles. God, I could be a third Beatle! It’s amazing, how good I sound. All that’s left is to buy a Les Paul. *wink wink* then I’ll be a skilled musician.

Hey, I’m wearing a tie right now! Does that mean I’m in the band? Well, at least I can tell you the happy news that I yes I am a member of my school’s ROCK CHOIR! Wooo hoo! I’m actually part of something musical, instead of just dreaming of something musical. Getting signed to Capitol or Atlantic? Maybe I should make a mix for the a&r execs to drop off when I go to Cali?

Or I could always take the Justin Beiber route, and post everything to u-tube, but he was just a lucky beaver :p

Oh well. Bye everybody.


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