Ah, Facebook.

September 23, 2010

So okay. I’m really triply sorry. Honest. I guess I’m not the blogging type. Anyway, did I tell you I started grade nine? It’s been three weeks. I guess I’ve been hiding in a shell.

So it’s business class, and somehow, I suck onto billboard, just to take a peek at the charts, not that Katy Perry was going to give up the crown, anyway. (Hey, I actually LIKE teenage dream, though I bet you thought I would drone on and on about how some rock great like Slash should be wearing the pants.)

So anyway, back to business. Of course, after I checked the charts, I just HAD to check the news also, hoping to find out about some scandal like so and so gets arrested for drug possession, or so and so has twins! Yes, out business teacher can view our screens and lock our computers, so I was ready to take the shock at any moment.

The attention of a photo caught my eye. Yep, John Lennon’s photo. He often gets into the news, the last article I read on him was about a toilet of his selling for 750 + k.

THERE IS A F*CKING CONTEST! Yeah, it’s a cover contest, you either cover a Beatles song, or him solo. You win all this cool memorabilia, it’s insane.

And then, those words that I dread: Post. It. On. Facebook. Grr!

I don’t like Facebook. Who really needs it? So now I cant enter the contest because some genius couldn’t think of any better site to post the videos on.

Well, I’ve bored you enough, haven’t I?


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