Uh – Oh …

September 3, 2010

Looks like I’m in trouble. I haven’t told you about my venture to Toronto to see South Pacific, my trip to the one and only Canada’s Wonderland, or anything else for that matter, for weeks. I must apologize. I’ve been so busy lately, what with computer issues, Itunes issues, which still need to be resolved and …..

Okay so, yesterday was my grade nine BBQ – Orientation event. You must admit, it can be something to dread, because it gives you a looming reminder that in a few days, Sweet Home Alabama will grow old once again, and you’ll have to fumble for your alarm clock in the morning, to the point where you fall out of bed. And, also, you get the dreaded reminder that you are now a Fishie. (That’s what the upperclassmen call you, apparently.)

Basically, you enter the school, stand in a line, and pick up your timetable. Then you get the opportunity to locate your classes and your locker, and also pay for things like a student card, and a yearbook. (They make you shell out at least 70$.) I suppose my mother can look on the bright side, because you get a free t-shirt after spending all that money …… wow.

Then they give you “the talk” in the auditorium. Then you go & sign up for your clubs, and then there’s the BBQ. That’s it. Then you leave, and begin to dread Tuesday.


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