You were mine … ♥

August 13, 2010

There is nothing like a Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard. That’s right. There are many copiers out there (Mcflurry, Baskin Robins Soft Serve) and they too are good, but honestly nothing beats DQ. Nothing. First bite and you are in heaven. So, why am I expressing my feelings of personal joy? I actually got to have one again. Yes, I had it last night. It was only a mini size, but any size is good enough to curb my craving.

That’s not the point of this post though. I wanted to talk more about last night.. in the form of So You Think You Can Dance. Yes. They crowned the winner last night. At that point, they all deserved to win, but I kinda did have a set list in my mind. Robert would probably take third, which he did. Then I figured Kent would win .. and Lauren would take top girl anyway. BUT SHE WON! I don’t believe it. I was actually glad she won, though Kent Deserved it just the same.

So anyway, the rest of the show was good. We got to revisit all of the best dances. We got to look more into national dance day (Haha .. did you catch the part when they called Adam Shankman old?) Anyway …. what really made the night was just before they crowned the winner, Yes … the “special guest” the “dance legend”. I thought that was amazing. But really, I just cracked up. Anyway, the video of “that” will be up tomorrow. Plus, I’ll post some videos of the best routines. So yeah. And the Canadian leg starts airing Sunday. Be sure to watch!

Now then .. If you want to know what I did today:

Finished a book, actually. But is was one of those comic/easy to read text kind of books, so It was easy.

Then I turned my computer on and did the “rounds” plus I downloaded Fix You by Coldplay. (Give it a listen)

Then I showered and dressed and stuff (I sang Aeroplane in the shower).

Then I wanted to see if the “special guest” video was on You Tube and it was! Then I watched that and some others. (Wow. Repeat much.)

So I’ve been on this site where you can compose outfits … It’s called (Just a sec I’m looking for it in my bookmarks!) Couturious. You have to have Facebook to join and make an account, so I took screenshots of my work instead. Yep. I don’t use Facebook. Don’t worry. I don’t need it to breathe or anything. So anyway, here’s my work.

They may be a bit hard to see ……. But try your best. Thanks ♥


4 Responses to “You were mine … ♥”

  1. smiley97 said

    awesome post! i like your outfits. By the way, your a very good writer. Which reminds me I should try more when writing my posts and use my vocabulary, haha. Oh and I love your blog theme!

  2. roxy189 said

    Thanks. ♥

  3. btw i’ve never had DQ’s blizzard i’ll have to try it, it looks so goood on the commercials x] and in my opinion mcflurrys suck

  4. roxy189 said

    You are missing out. Go and try one sometime. And yeah, the Mcflurry is definitely not as good as DQ or even Baskin Robins.

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