Celebration for a king.

August 12, 2010

Yep … I’m listening to Achilles Last Stand. So anyway, my day so far:

Checked my emails … yep. I had a LOT.

You Tubed DVAS – I was (and still am) trying to make a choice of what song of theirs I’m going to buy …. (Lime wire had none) and the 30 second preview just wouldn’t cut it for me. I needed the whole song.Anyway, I really liked Fantasy …. I may end up buying two actually.

Then I browsed Polyvore for any new talent … Listening to some songs. Society (of course!), Tightrope ( By Janelle Monae, BEST new talent by far!), Some random Lady Gaga and Cool .. from West Side Story. Yep. Pretty intense list.

Then I pretended to be stoned. (Thanks Dylan … )

Then, I showered. But, to my surprise, I didn’t do my usual Beatles concert routine. (Um .. I guess I wasn’t up for it).

Lunch was an image of me sitting at the kitchen table – reading the new Girls Life issue. (Hey! I know how to cover up a pimple now!)

And for the afternoon? We have a tech guy coming to look at our dishwasher. I guess I better get dressed right? And I suppose I should drink more Gatorade.

Then tonight’s the So You Think You Think You Can Dance finale. (In my opinion, they all deserve to win.)

Psst: I played some dress up last night. Yep. Came up with some signature looks. So I hope to get the weardrobe thing sorted out. You have to send them a sample look first before you can upload pics.

So people, If you’re bored right now, I made this poly-collection of hot rock stars, (mainly from Guns and Zeppelin) that you should look at. And if you have a poly-count fave it please. Just be warned. There is excessive swearing!


Man …. I’m digging this Hendrix music I’m listening to right now.

It may be a copy n’ paste link by the way.


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