Heheh. I’m a lucky girlie this saturday!

August 11, 2010

That’s right. Guess what? I’m going to see SOUTH PACIFIC! Yep. My very first musical. Sure, I wish it was Jersey Boys ….. and that I was seeing it in NYC, not Toronto, but a musical is a musical all the same. Besides, I cant move to NYC to work …. (I know, I still have four more years of school) so might as well check out the musical scene in Toronto.

So a typical day for me. Listened to Jersey Boys music, my typical new obsession song: Society (it was an Itunes single of the week a few weeks back) and scour kijji for any new bands, (though I need to buy a damn guitar already and brush up on my skills. Or just apply to be the frontman …. at least I can sing. Well ……. at least I think I can sing).

Plus, to add to my mood, (did I tell you I was sick this morning? Yep, I tossed. It was horrific to watch, but a fact of life) I got pretty mad at eBay. Why, might you ask, did I get so angered? Well, lets just say, I coulden’t find what I was looking for (Hehe … I just sorta quoted U2! *gimmie props 4 that*).

Then … I made the stupid life choice of blaring Guns N’ Roses (Welcome To The Jungle in particular). Hey, at least the cops never came.

Then I read some Style Rookie. (If you know what that is.) Ate toast and drank Gatorade, (yummy). But …. honestly, I gotta stop playing Society.

Ps: I love this sketch. I wish I had drawn it. But, hey, I cant draw to save my life! Now have a nice day. (No … did I just quote Bon Jovi?)


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