You were mine … ♥

August 13, 2010

There is nothing like a Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard. That’s right. There are many copiers out there (Mcflurry, Baskin Robins Soft Serve) and they too are good, but honestly nothing beats DQ. Nothing. First bite and you are in heaven. So, why am I expressing my feelings of personal joy? I actually got to have one again. Yes, I had it last night. It was only a mini size, but any size is good enough to curb my craving.

That’s not the point of this post though. I wanted to talk more about last night.. in the form of So You Think You Can Dance. Yes. They crowned the winner last night. At that point, they all deserved to win, but I kinda did have a set list in my mind. Robert would probably take third, which he did. Then I figured Kent would win .. and Lauren would take top girl anyway. BUT SHE WON! I don’t believe it. I was actually glad she won, though Kent Deserved it just the same.

So anyway, the rest of the show was good. We got to revisit all of the best dances. We got to look more into national dance day (Haha .. did you catch the part when they called Adam Shankman old?) Anyway …. what really made the night was just before they crowned the winner, Yes … the “special guest” the “dance legend”. I thought that was amazing. But really, I just cracked up. Anyway, the video of “that” will be up tomorrow. Plus, I’ll post some videos of the best routines. So yeah. And the Canadian leg starts airing Sunday. Be sure to watch!

Now then .. If you want to know what I did today:

Finished a book, actually. But is was one of those comic/easy to read text kind of books, so It was easy.

Then I turned my computer on and did the “rounds” plus I downloaded Fix You by Coldplay. (Give it a listen)

Then I showered and dressed and stuff (I sang Aeroplane in the shower).

Then I wanted to see if the “special guest” video was on You Tube and it was! Then I watched that and some others. (Wow. Repeat much.)

So I’ve been on this site where you can compose outfits … It’s called (Just a sec I’m looking for it in my bookmarks!) Couturious. You have to have Facebook to join and make an account, so I took screenshots of my work instead. Yep. I don’t use Facebook. Don’t worry. I don’t need it to breathe or anything. So anyway, here’s my work.

They may be a bit hard to see ……. But try your best. Thanks ♥


Celebration for a king.

August 12, 2010

Yep … I’m listening to Achilles Last Stand. So anyway, my day so far:

Checked my emails … yep. I had a LOT.

You Tubed DVAS – I was (and still am) trying to make a choice of what song of theirs I’m going to buy …. (Lime wire had none) and the 30 second preview just wouldn’t cut it for me. I needed the whole song.Anyway, I really liked Fantasy …. I may end up buying two actually.

Then I browsed Polyvore for any new talent … Listening to some songs. Society (of course!), Tightrope ( By Janelle Monae, BEST new talent by far!), Some random Lady Gaga and Cool .. from West Side Story. Yep. Pretty intense list.

Then I pretended to be stoned. (Thanks Dylan … )

Then, I showered. But, to my surprise, I didn’t do my usual Beatles concert routine. (Um .. I guess I wasn’t up for it).

Lunch was an image of me sitting at the kitchen table – reading the new Girls Life issue. (Hey! I know how to cover up a pimple now!)

And for the afternoon? We have a tech guy coming to look at our dishwasher. I guess I better get dressed right? And I suppose I should drink more Gatorade.

Then tonight’s the So You Think You Think You Can Dance finale. (In my opinion, they all deserve to win.)

Psst: I played some dress up last night. Yep. Came up with some signature looks. So I hope to get the weardrobe thing sorted out. You have to send them a sample look first before you can upload pics.

So people, If you’re bored right now, I made this poly-collection of hot rock stars, (mainly from Guns and Zeppelin) that you should look at. And if you have a poly-count fave it please. Just be warned. There is excessive swearing!

Man …. I’m digging this Hendrix music I’m listening to right now.

It may be a copy n’ paste link by the way.

Hey ….. I’m Etsy shopping rite now. Here are my favorite picks out of todays session.

Hey ….. I’m a Led Zep fan. What can I say? {{Not much ….. other than O M G}}

So this is “classic rock shirt day” I guess!

This is cool.

Awesome vintage dress from my favorite vintage blogger.

That’s all for today folks! {{But I bet I’ll post some more out of sheer boredom}}

Whoops. This was a crap post ….. try to copy and paste the links maybe?

Wow …. I don’t know if these are creepy ass or not, but I love these vintage alka – seltzer commercials. Why? Well for one, the tune is catchy … they have my very favorite BUSTER KEATON and the slogan (see title above) is well thought out. AM I RITE? {{Pssh. I’m always right}}

That’s right. Guess what? I’m going to see SOUTH PACIFIC! Yep. My very first musical. Sure, I wish it was Jersey Boys ….. and that I was seeing it in NYC, not Toronto, but a musical is a musical all the same. Besides, I cant move to NYC to work …. (I know, I still have four more years of school) so might as well check out the musical scene in Toronto.

So a typical day for me. Listened to Jersey Boys music, my typical new obsession song: Society (it was an Itunes single of the week a few weeks back) and scour kijji for any new bands, (though I need to buy a damn guitar already and brush up on my skills. Or just apply to be the frontman …. at least I can sing. Well ……. at least I think I can sing).

Plus, to add to my mood, (did I tell you I was sick this morning? Yep, I tossed. It was horrific to watch, but a fact of life) I got pretty mad at eBay. Why, might you ask, did I get so angered? Well, lets just say, I coulden’t find what I was looking for (Hehe … I just sorta quoted U2! *gimmie props 4 that*).

Then … I made the stupid life choice of blaring Guns N’ Roses (Welcome To The Jungle in particular). Hey, at least the cops never came.

Then I read some Style Rookie. (If you know what that is.) Ate toast and drank Gatorade, (yummy). But …. honestly, I gotta stop playing Society.

Ps: I love this sketch. I wish I had drawn it. But, hey, I cant draw to save my life! Now have a nice day. (No … did I just quote Bon Jovi?)

Welcome to my lair ♥

August 11, 2010

I created this so I could just let out what I feel everyday. Weather I like to gab about music, fashion, etc. Expect a lot of classic rock though. I’m a nut when it comes to that. And any other creepy ass things you may have never known I liked. Pretty good for a 14 year old girl, right? Yes, I’m still saving for a Les Paul. (Why do they make them so damn expensive?) Well, anyway, I hope you want to keep reading. I’m not a thriller writer, but I try pretty damned hard to entertain a crowd. (Ask me for my pirate joke sometime! It’s epic) You may think I’m a weirdo, That’s fine. Really, it is. (Hey, we all read fail blog and play air guitar right?)

So ….. I suppose this wont be a regular thinghy. Just random. Like Oh M Gee, here is the 50 songs I downloaded today! Yeah, a typical thing for me. Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t be alarmed when I post about back masking songs to find creepy Satanic messages.  I like to do it when I’m bored. (Oh, and look in the toilet. But please, don’t tell everyone.)

Ok so, you strapped in? This is gonna be a wild ride.